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Install the UP Browser Extension


The UP Browser Extenstion is a ALPHA DEVELOPER PREVIEW. This is not intended to be used by non developers. And DO NOT use this in production! The current UP Browser Extenstion deploys profiles on the Testnet.


If you have MetaMask installed, right click on both MetaMask and UP Extension and select "This Can Read and Change Site Data > When you Click the Extension". Then you you can select for every website which extension you use. By closing the tab you can reset this selection.

It is important not to forget the previous step. Otherwise, it might conflict with the UP Browser Extension, and this might prevent you from finalising the setup process.

This guide will teach you how to download and install the Universal Profile browser extension on Chrome, Edge, Opera, or Brave.

You can test the browser extension with the following example dApps (Or any other dApp, that runs on the Testnet):

Projects built by the LUKSO community:

  • - Create a customizable website to showcase and sell digital assets on LUKSO.
  • - A relayer that lets you used your staking rewards to pay for your transaction fees.

More are coming 🚀

Download the extension

Click on link below to download the extension, based on the browser to which you want to install it.

📥 Download from Chrome Web Store (Chrome / Brave)

📥 Download Archive (All other browsers)

Unpack the archive

Open your download folder and unpack the ZIP archive by opening the file.

Install the extension

1. Simply download the extension from the Chrome Store

Chrome Store view