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L14 Public Testnet

L14-Testnet is running.

This testnet is the lastest stable network.

The L14 Public Testnet is the soon-deprecated POA test network currently used for all UniversalProfiles and issued (Pre) NFTs. L14 is up-to-date with the latest Ethereum forks until Constantinople.


To add the L14 Network to MetaMask, these are the settings:

Network NameL14
Chain ID22 (0x16)
Currency SymbolLYXt
Block Explorer URL

And if you need it, here is a tutorial on how to do it.

Running a Node

Install the Node

Install a parity node > 2.2.7-stable as described here.

The LUKSO L14 test network requires most of Constantinople transitions. This means you need to at least run parity > 2.2.7-stable.

Start the Node

Run your parity node and connect to the LUKSO L14 test network using:

$ parity --chain spec.json --bootnodes enode://6a6b0b286e3f96dee993d995f3fd435a065388664e211f02533e28c9ddc31089eb90f71d1386c3c74ee6[email protected]:30303

The spec.json is in the l14 branch of the lukso-chain-spec repository.

In case the bootnode from above does not work, you can find the current specifications here.



Enabled EiPs are:

Not included compared to Ethereum mainnet:

  • eip1234 (Difficulty bomb adjustment)