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The LUKSO Standard Proposals (LSPs)


See the Contracts Implementation section for the Solidity implementation of these standards.

The LUKSO Standards Proposals (LSPs) represent the main building blocks of the LUKSO ecosystem. People, groups, and organizations can use them to build blockchain-based applications that aim to maximize the user experience, allow more flexibility and interaction, and open doors to hundreds of ideas.

The default implementation of these standards in Solidity is available as Open Source Software under the LUKSO GitHub repository. They can be used as a base by developers to build their applications.

Questions? Want to learn more?

Feel free to join the LUKSO Discord server, and ask your questions in the #standards channel.

Our team and community members look forward to helping you understand the standards.


The current blockchain experience comes with many limitations, not necessarily because of the complexity but because of the broken infrastructure represented by the old underlying tools and standards used to operate on the network.

Change should start from the bottom to create a better user experience on the blockchain, starting from the fundamental pieces to propagating to the top. Topics related to identity, assets representation, relay execution and smart contract interaction require standardization. Such standards should be flexible enough to support and allow more potential use-cases in the future.

The following documentation describes the fundamentals of the standards and technical aspects of the LUKSO ecosystem.

LSPs Foundation​

This section lists and describes the first ten Standards representing the foundation of LUKSO's ecosystem.

They introduce new concepts like blockchain-based accounts (also known as Universal Profiles), Digital Assets, and NFT 2.0.


The standards are order-independent and could be related to a backward or forward order.


Further Information​