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Execute Relay Call

Validity timestamps


Use this website to generate validity timestamps for specific date and time.

It is possible to make signatures for relay executions valid for specific time periods. This is done by constructing a validity timestamp that can be passed as the uint256 validityTimestamp parameter to executeRelayCall and executeRelayCallBatch functions.

Below are examples of constructing different validity timestamps:

Example 1: from a specific date / time

Valid only from the 1st June 2024 (midnight).

Timestamp for 1st June 2024 = 1717200000 (decimal) = 0x665A6480 (hex)

   valid from timestamp 1717200000
valid until indefinitely

Example 2: set an expiry date

Valid until 31st January 2025, 5pm CET.

Timestamp for 31st January 2025 (5pm CET) = 1738339200 (decimal) = 0x679CF380 (hex)

         valid from anytime
valid until 31st January 2025 (5pm CET)

Example 3: valid during a specific period

Valid from 1st January 2024 (midnight CET) to 1st April 2024 (midnight CET)

  • Timestamp for 1st January 2024 (midnight) = 1704063600 (decimal) = 0x6591F270 (hex)
  • Timestamp for 1st April 2024 (midnight) = 1711926000 (decimal) = 0x6609EAF0 (hex)
            valid from 
valid until