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Feature Requests

Will there be video guides about LSPs?​

Yes, LUKSO is planning to create videos for LSPs both on the theoretical and practical end. They will be released over time.

Will there be re-occurring developer events?​

Yes, developer meetings and events are planned to present our monthly tech progress and move into a more transparent development process. You can now find and discuss weekly tech updates within the official LUKSO Discord server.

Will there be another LUKSO Hackathon?​

Yes, we’re planning and preparing future hackathon projects. For official announcements, please follow our LUKSO Twitter account. You can already have a look into the developer channels on our LUKSO Discord in order to find teammates or project ideas.

Is there going to be a grants program?​

Yes, LUKSO is preparing to launch the grant program after the mainnet migration process is fully finalized. As you can see in the LYX distribution, there are reserves and the foundation's treasury to support grants and drive the development of the network.

Will there be Dappnode or Avado Support for LUKSO?​

We are collaborating with the Dappnode team to provide official support for the LUKSO blockchain. The support will likely be available within the launch process. However, we do not have information about potential other node providers adding support.

Will there be a Ledger integration for LUKSO?​

You can use your Ledger to store LYXe and LYX already using the Ethereum application. In order to see your LYX however, you will have to connect the Ledger to a browser-based wallet like MetaMask and add the LUKSO network using the mainnet's Network Parameters.

MetaMask might show a network duplication warning. This is because the chain ID of the LUKSO mainnet (42) equals the Kovan testnet of Ethereum. The reference might be updated soon. It is nothing to worry about.

Before the mainnet launch process is not fully completed, there are no active approaches to adding official integrations to hardware. wallets. Please note that it is not within our sole control, as external wallet providers decide which blockchains to add. If you are a developer and interested in building a Ledger-embedded app for LUKSO, please have a look into their Developer Documentation.

Will LUKSO be listed on additional exchanges?​

Other exchanges than KuCoin and may join and list LUKSO, but this is not under our sole control. While the network grows adoption by finalizing the mainnet launch process and enabling regular validators to join the network, there will be more interest in additional exchanges to list LYX.

Is it planned to have a video guide about setting up a node?​

Setting up a node exceeds the network configurations and LUKSO CLI. Complete node setups depend on many influences, such as the operating system, security measures, server location, network configurations and hardware. Due to the various configurations, we cannot issue a standardized guide. However, you can check the Community Guides by Luksoverse or join the ETHStaker Community Discord to get comprehensive knowledge about running a node for EVM networks.

Will there be a Mobile Application for Universal Profiles?​

Yes, LUKSO is actively developing a mobile version of the browser extension that let you interact with your Universal Profiles from your mobile phone. There is no strict release date planned, but we aligned the development of the Mobile and Browser Extension in order to be able to quickly implement features on both sides.