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Wallet Support

Whats the best way to use LUKSO?

It's suggested to use the Universal Profile Extension while interacting with apps and services on LUKSO. The extension offers you a much more user-friendly and feature-rich experience than you would get using regular wallets.

Can the Universal Profile Extension be considered a wallet?

The Universal Profile Extension should not be classified as a wallet. While connected Universal Profiles can store assets, the extension serves as a comprehensive center for your blockchain interactions and reflects your on-chain persona with much more capabilities than just holding assets.

Which wallets can be used with the LUKSO network?

LUKSO is an EVM-compatible network. Therefore, any Ethereum wallet that allows custom networks can be used on the LUKSO network. You can find all the parameters of the LUKSO mainnet within the Network section.

Can I use hardware wallets like Ledger to store LYX?

Yes, you can use hardware wallets with Ethereum support, such as Ledger or Trezor, to store LYX. Both can connect to browser-based wallets like MetaMask and then be used to send or receive tokens. To see your LYX, you must add the LUKSO Mainnet as a custom network. The parameters can be found in the Network section.

MetaMask might show a network duplication warning. This is because the chain ID of the LUKSO mainnet (42) equals the Kovan testnet of Ethereum. The reference might be updated soon. It is nothing to worry about.