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Token Migration

How can I migrate LYXe to LYX?

You can migrate LYXe to LYX using the official Migration Bridge. Please check the domain in order to guarantee that you are on the official app, before connecting your wallet.

How long will the LYXe migration be open for?

The migration process started on the 4th of July, 2023. As stated in the Migration Article the bridge is planned to stay open up to 4 years until July 2027, allowing anyone to migrate. The Foundation for the New Creative Economies can pause the migration bridge. Please refer to the official announcements from the LUKSO Twitter Account.

How long does it take to migrate my LYXe?

The token migration usually takes about 10-15min for the transaction to be finalized and the LYX sent to the wallet on the LUKSO mainnet. This time is needed to ensure security throughout every step.

Will LYXe be migrated automatically?

If you are holding LYXe within your own wallet, it will not be migrated automatically. You have to instantiate the migration process manually. There is likely an amount of LYXe that will never migrate due to lost wallets. Some people might even keep some LYXe for sentimental reasons.

Exchanges holding LYXe might migrate the asset for their customers. For these announcements, please follow their official announcement channels.

What happens with LYXe being sent back to the LYXe Contract?

Any LYXe accidentally sent to the LYXe Token address on Ethereum will be automatically sent as LYX to the sending address on the LUKSO Blockchain.

Will exchanges migrate LYXe for their users?

Some exchanges will likely migrate LYXe for their users automatically. However, this is not a process controlled by LUKSO directly. Please follow their social media profiles for updates.

Will LYXe be deprecated after the migration bridge closes?

Since LYXe is the official representation of LYX on Ethereum that was used to power off the rICO, the token itself will exist forever. However, we can not guarantee any price differences from LYXe to LYX after they can not be migrated anymore.

Will it be possible to migrate LYX back to LYXe?

The official LUKSO Migration Bridge only acts as a 1-Way-Bridge to migrate LYXe to LYX.

What is the minimal amount of LYX that can be bridged?

You need at least 1 LYXe within your connected wallet to start the migration. You can also send comma values.

How much will it cost to migrate the LYXe?

Since LYXe is managed on Ethereum, you will need some ETH to cover the Gas costs of the transaction when using the migration dApp. The transfer will cost less than 200k Gas, corresponding to an average of 0,004 ETH. Remember that these prices can fluctuate if the network is at capacity.

Which wallets can be used to migrate LYXe?

Only regular EVM-compatible browser-based wallets (Externally Owned Accounts) are supported for the migration. Universal Profiles are disabled, so your funds are kept anonymous and not directly linked to any public persona.

Where will the LYX be migrated to?

The LYX will be sent to the same blockchain address used during the migration. Within supported exchanges, the accounts will automatically be updated from LYXe to LYX if they have not been manually transferred to external wallets.

How do I migrate if I have LYXe on a hardware wallet?

If you have LYXe on a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor, you can send them to a supported crypto exchange or migrate independently by connecting your hardware wallet to a browser-based wallet. Make sure your hardware wallet supports external connections to browser-based wallets.

What if I don't have a browser-based wallet?

If you migrate yourself but don't have a browser-based wallet, e.g., holding your LYXe on a Ledger or Trezor, we recommend installing an EVM-compatible browser-based wallet. After generating a new blockchain address on the installed wallet, you can send the LYXe to your new wallet and begin migrating from the browser. One of the most commonly used browser-based wallets is MetaMask, which can be installed and added to your browser within a few steps. MetaMask also supports wallet imports for both Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.

How can I see my LYX balance?

You can check your balance using the LUKSO Mainnet Block Explorer and searching for your address.

You can also add the network to your wallet. This can be done from the migration dApp or by manually adding the RPC endpoint of one of the supported service providers like GatewayFM. Have a look at the Network Properties to see the connection details.

How to store LYX or LYXe?

You can store both LYX and LYXe on any Ethereum-compatible wallet or hardware wallet. Please make sure that you can set up custom blockchain networks. Otherwise, you might not be able to see or send LYX on the LUKSO blockchain.

Where can LYX be traded?

At the current state, beginning of July 2023, there are no exchanges or services directly supporting LYX. However, as soon as exchanges migrate their token, there will be available trading. 3rd party services might even create decentralized marketplaces later on.