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Create a Universal Profile


The UP Browser Extension is currently in the development alpha version. DO NOT use this in production!

1. Launch the extension and create your profile. You will have to validate your Twitter and Discord profiles.

Validate Extension

NOTE: You can use the same Twitter and Discord profiles for multiple Universal Profiles (UPs). The verification steps for using Twitter/ Discord are not linked to particular profiles. The verification is in place for using the relayer. The relayer plays a vital role in subsidizing gas costs for early users and the verification process is in place to prevent bots from abusing the gas quota.

2. Select your backup email.

Step 2 - Firefox: Set Up Extension

3. Accept the terms and conditions.

Step 3 - Firefox: Profile Type Extension

4. Select your identicon.

Step 4 - Firefox: Success Extension

3. Choose between an anonymous or public profile.

Step 4 - Firefox: Success Extension

6. Your are now ready to add your profile to the extension!

Step 4 - Firefox: Success Extension