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Building on LUKSO

What can be built on LUKSO?

The following list contains several potential use cases. Please bear in mind that those represent only the tip of the iceberg.

  • social media applications
  • content publishing platforms
  • identity and reputation systems
  • tokenized communities for creatives
  • marketplaces and outlets
  • ... 🪄

Developer Resources

LUKSO is an L1 EVM-based Blockchain. All tools and tutorials for Ethereum also work for LUKSO by default.

Developers building on LUKSO can write smart contracts in an EVM-based smart contract language like (Solidity, Vyper, etc...), and use existing standards already developed for other Ethereum networks.

LSP Features

By integrating different LSPs in unique ways, LUKSO solves fundamental blockchain problems:

🔓 Upgradeable security

Universal Profiles can be owned by any EOA or smart contract (e.g: multisig). And users can control their accounts through multiple devices and applications, each of them with different permissions.
This also allow the creation of services like social recovery, through family, friends or trustless dApps.

👩‍🎤 On-chain profile

Users can build their profiles onchain, adding images, tags, descriptions and links to their accounts to shape their online persona.

📢 On-chain notifications

Users get notified upon token transfers and they can visualize the assets that they own within their profile. They can even block transfers of certain assets by creating allow lists or block lists.

📝 Updatable and flexible metadata

Metadata can be updated, enabling dynamic NFTs that can change certain properties over time, while other properties remain immutable.

💫 Extend your account over time

Users can extend their account over time seamlessly, with no need to redeploy the associated smart contract.

⛽️ Gasless experience

Universal Profiles support Transaction Relay Services that cover the gas for users's transactions. Users won't have the burden of getting the native token of the chain to start interacting with your application.
Seamless Onboarding

Currently, users are subsidized with the Transaction Relay Service from LUKSO.