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What is LUKSO?

The current Blockchain experience comes with many limitations.

Not necessarily because of the complexity, but due to the broken infrastructure.

Represented by the old underlying Standards and Tools to operate on the network.

Change should start from the bottom. Starting from:

Fundamental 🧱 Building Blocks ➡ to 🧩 dApps ➡ to create better ✨ User Experiences.

Who is LUKSO intended for?

LUKSO is intended for creative economies, where identities play a key role. LUKSO allows brands, creatives and developers to dictate the distribution of wealth and influence from lifestyle activities. They can do so by having Universal Profiles (UPs), creating Digital Identities and Certificates, and building Tokenized Communities.

Topics related to identity, assets representation, relay execution and smart contract interaction require standardization. Such standards should be flexible enough to support and allow more potential use cases in the future.

Why choose LUKSO?

LSPs (LUKSO Standard Proposals) are the building blocks of LUKSO. They are used to to build blockchain-based applications that offer an enhanced user experience, and allow for more flexibility and interaction.