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Create Deposit Keys

You can generate Validator Deposit Keys using the following tools:

Please read through their documentation before downloading any of the tools. Upon first use, it will generate a fresh Validator Seed Phrase that you have to store safely. The Validator Seed Phrase is then used to generate a fixed number of Validator Deposit Keys.


For security reasons, please generate your deposit keys on an offline device, ideally on a fresh install.

If you want to add deposit keys to an existing Validator Seed Phrase, you can use the above tools and choose: Generate keys using an existing recovery seed. You then have to define the number of already existing deposit keys and new ones you would like to create.

How to input a Validator Seed into the Wagyu Client?


There is currently an issue when trying to use an existing Validator Seed Phrase within the LUKSO Wagyu Keygen tool, permitting you from typing spaces.

If you are experiencing this issue, please write your Validator Seed Phrase in a blank document, separated by spaces. Then copy the full content into the import screen of the LUKSO Wagyu Keygen tool:

Wagyu Seed Input


Before continuing with the import, ensure all words are written correctly and in order.