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Exit Validators

In order to fully exit validator keys and all the staked LYX/LYXt, make sure to:

If you are not using the LUKSO CLI, please check the Further Reads section below.

Perform the withdrawal

After your node is synced up and running, you will be able to go through the complete exit process using the following command:

lukso validator exit

The exit setup will be different depending on your consensus client. Within Prysm, you can select all or a specific number of validators by navigating the user interface in the terminal and selecting the public keys. For Lighthouse, you have to input your validator and exit one at a time.

Exit Submission

After the setup is completed, the validator exit credential is submitted to the blockchain without interruption. You can use Ctrl+C to stop the exit process anytime.

Check the withdrawal status

A maximum of 16 validator keys can exit per block. Depending on the number of exits in the queue, the change might take several hours to be included in a block. If the exit is not showing up after several hours, consider re-doing the exit within the terminal.

  1. Open the Validator withdrawal page of the related network:
  2. Input your validator's public key or index as described in the withdrawal Update Guide
  3. If the exit has been successfully submitted, the page will show an estimated exit time

Your validators stay active until the full withdrawal exit time. Ensure your node runs to this point to gain further rewards and fees. If your node is offline, you will get penalized and lose your stake.

Further Reads

If you are using Dappnode or a custom client, please refer to the following sources: