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Update the Clients

If you already use the latest LUKSO CLI version and network configuration but want to check for new blockchain client versions, you can update them separately.

Stop your Node

Custom Setup

If you configured custom services on top of the LUKSO CLI, please use your service commands to stop your node.


In the examples below, the name myLUKSOnode has to be changed to your node directory's name.

Move into your node's working directory.

cd myLUKSOnode

Stop all processes of the blockchain node.

lukso stop

Afterward, you can check if your node stopped correctly.

lukso status

Download new Clients

Then continue to check and update your configured blockchain clients.

# Updates all clients to the latest version
lukso update
Individual Installation
# Manually overwrite Geth Version
lukso install --geth-tag v1.12

# Manually overwrite Prysm Version
lukso install --prysm-tag v4.0.8

# Manually overwrite Lighthouse Version
lukso install --lighthouse-tag v4.1.0

# Manually overwrite Erigon Version
lukso install ---erigon-tag v2.52.1

# Manually overwrite Teku Version
lukso install ---teku-tag v23.10.0

Restart your Node

You can start your node as regular.


If you are starting your node in a fresh working directory or after being offline for a while, make sure to add checkpoint synchronization to significantly speed up the synchronization during the startup.