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Update Gas Price

Within the network configuration files, validators can adjust the minimum gas price for transactions they accept to propose blocks to the network. The minimum gas price is an individual client setting. Validators can choose the value they desire for block approval depending on the current network occupation.

Balancing Gas Fees

If most of the network accepts transactions with a small gas price, overall fees will remain lower. However, if the gas price is too high, the validator will propose empty blocks without transaction fees. As the network throughput rises, these values should be adjusted.

Default Gas Price

The gas price mainly causes issues for Geth, as the execution client is using a strict default value that must be overwritten. The LUKSO Network Configuration was recently updated to a base gas price of 1 Gwei for Geth Execution Clients. This value is the default setting for the latest supported Geth version. You can find further information within the related Validator Substack Announcement.

Recommended Gas Price

Due to many nodes still running older Geth clients and the network occupation remaining low, reducing the minimal gas price to a value between 0.1 and 1 Gwei is recommended to prevent validators from not receiving transaction rewards. Based on the Network Explorer, the gas price currently levels off between 0.4 and 2.5 Gwei.

Adjusting the Gas Price


If you are running Geth and experience block reward issues, please adjust your Geth configuration file. The following examples set the gas price to 0.1 Gwei. You can raise the value to 1 Gwei by adding one zero.


If you are using Erigon, you can set the gas price within the erigon.toml file. However this is not mandatory nor recommended, as Erigon adjusts with the network's gas price dynamically.

  1. Move into the node working directory:

    cd <node-working-directory>
  2. Stop your validator:

    lukso stop
  3. Open the Geth configuration file:

    vim configs/<network>/geth/geth.toml
  4. Adjust the gas price value:

    GasPrice = 100000000 # 0.1 Gwei
  5. Restart your validator:

    lukso start validator --transaction-fee-recipient "0x1234..."