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Update the Node

Updating your node and blockchain clients is of utmost importance. It is not just about having access to the latest features of the LUKSO CLI, but an essential aspect of maintaining your node's security, performance, and reliability, directly affecting the network.

Check your LUKSO CLI Version

Breaking Changes

Since the mainnet launch occurred, the LUKSO CLI had breaking changes. Please check your current LUKSO CLI version to determine your update process.

lukso version

This guide will lead you through updating the LUKSO CLI to the latest version.

Update the LUKSO CLI

Updating your node is similar to the installing process, while keeping your previous keystore data. If you already have the latest LUKSO CLI version and network configs, you can just Update the Blockchain Clients.

Stop your Node

Custom Setup

If you configured custom services on top of the LUKSO CLI, please use your service commands to stop your node.


In the examples below, the name myLUKSOnode has to be changed to your node directory's name.

Move into your node's working directory.

cd myLUKSOnode

Make sure to stop all processes of the blockchain node.

lukso stop

Afterward, you can check if your node stopped correctly.

lukso status
Show how to force client shutdowns.

If you have problems stopping the node processes, you can force their shutdowns using the pkill command.

# Stop the Geth client
sudo pkill geth

# Stop the Erigon client
sudo pkill erigon

# Stop the Prysm client
sudo pkill prysm

# Stop the Prysm Validator client
sudo pkill validator

# Stop the Lighthouse and Lighthouse Validator clients
sudo pkill lighthouse

# Stop the Teku and Teku Validator clients
sudo pkill teku

Update the LUKSO CLI

Re-install the LUKSO CLI to your system. You will be asked to overwrite the current version.

curl | sh

Make sure to check the downloaded version again to ensure that the update was successful.

lukso version

Then continue to download the latest network configurations.


The lukso init command will not overwrite any personal configurations.

lukso init

Restart your Node

You can start your node as regular.


If you are starting your node in a fresh working directory or after being offline for a while, make sure to add checkpoint synchronization to significantly speed up the synchronization during the startup.