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Network Parameters

Network NameLUKSO
Genesis Fork Version0x42000001
Chain ID / Network ID42
Currency SymbolLYX
Execution Block Explorer
Execution Status Page
Consensus Block Explorer
Consensus Status Page
Blockscout API

The mainnet network configs are defined or the lukso-network/network-configs repo.

3rd party RPC providers

Developers can use the services of the following 3rd party providers:

  • Thirdweb RPC URL:
  • SigmaCore RPC URL: (increased-limit packages available)
  • NowNodes RPC URL: (requires API key)
  • Envio RPC URL: (optimized read-only)

We recommend developers to use these RPC providers over our public RPC URL as they provide better performance and stability.

IPFS Storage

We highly recommend that developers fetch and store profile or asset data using their own IPFS gateway solutions like Pinata or Infura for production needs, ensuring distribution and availability across the IPFS network. We do not provide an official gateway for uploading asset data. For development purposes, you may use the following RPC to fetch data:

  • IPFS Download (for development only):

This gateway is intended for development purposes. We do not guarantee any SLA, and rate limits may apply.

Add LUKSO to Wallets

You can add the LUKSO to any of your existing wallets like MetaMask, Rabby, Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, and others using the following parameters or button:

Network NameLUKSO
Chain ID / Network ID42
Currency SymbolLYX
Block explorer URL
Hardware wallets

You can use your hardware wallet with MetaMask. You will simply need to:

  1. Connect your hardware wallet to MetaMask
  2. Add LUKSO as a custom network (cf. settings above)
  3. For Ledger users: Download the Ethereum app on your Ledger
  4. Switch the network to "LUKSO"

Network Architecture

LUKSO's Blockchain Architecture runs the Ethereum protocol and consists of 2 to 4 clients: