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A list of services and projects that integrated the LUKSO network or deliver ecosystem tools.

RPC Providers

List of RPC URLs

All the RPC URLs are listed under the Networks section.

Description & Features
Full-stack, open-source web3 development platform. Frontend, backend, and onchain tools to build complete web3 apps — on every EVM chain.
NOWNodes provides public RPC endpoints.
Indexing framework and data infrastructure provider speed-optimized for querying real-time and historical data.
Universal Network Solutions, powered by Sigmatic.


 Description & Features
API3 builds solutions that bridge the gap between off-chain data and on-chain applications with maximum security and minimal latency.

DIA is a cross-chain oracle provider that directly aggregates market data from a wide range of sources. Its first-party data sourcing is thorough, enabling unparalleled transparency and customizability for resilient price feeds for 20,000+ assets including ERC20s, NFTs, RWAs, LSTs, BRC20s and more.

The DIA oracle on LUKSO is free of use, production-ready and comes with a predefined list of feeds.

Data Indexing

 Description & Features

Envio is a feature-rich indexing framework and data infrastructure provider speed-optimized for querying real-time and historical data.

On Ramp Providers

 Description & Features
Crypto on-ramp marketplace that can be integrated easily by developers using their API and SDK, to enable to purchase crypto easily on a website and UI.

Staking Services

 Description & Features

Dappnode provides physical node machines and client software images for easy validator onboarding and maintenance.

Ready to earn rewards? We partner with the best teams to bring you cutting-edge solutions for the best blockchains, such as LUKSO and Ethereum.
Universal.Page provides staking solutions through their Staking Vault.



Cookbook provides bundled smart contract libraries that can be directly used within Visual Studio Code, Foundry, Harthat, or Remix. Their webpage also features a ChatGPT integration to help learn and deploy LSPs.

Thirdweb provides a toolkit suite that includes public network endpoints, statistics, and several SDK integrations with plug-and-play components and hooks. Within the contract explorer, developers can search and deploy LSPs using their SDK or non-code web interface.