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Ecosystem Partners

A list of services and projects that integrated the LUKSO network or deliver ecosystem tools.

ServiceDescription & Features
Network & Tooling
Thirdweb provides a toolkit suite that includes public network endpoints, statistics, and several SDK integrations with plug-and-play components and hooks. Within the contract explorer, developers can search and deploy LSPs using their SDK or non-code web interface.

  • Mainnet Parameters
  • Testnet Parameters
  • Deployed LSP Contracts
  • TypeScript SDK
  • Network SDK
  • Solidity SDK
  • Network Provider:
    NOWNodes provides public RPC endpoints.

  • Mainnet Parameters
  • Testnet Parameters
  • Exchange & Tooling:
    Transak provides a crypto marketplace that can be utilized from developers using their API and SDK integration.

  • Onramp SDK
  • Hardware & Nodes:
    Dappnode provides physical node machines and client software images for easy validator onboarding and maintenance.

  • LUKSO Node
  • Dappnode Software
  • Geth Execution Image
  • Prysm Consensus Image
  • Data Indexer & Tooling
    Envio is a feature-rich indexing framework and data infrastructure provider speed-optimized for querying real-time and historical data.

  • Quickstart
  • Envio HyperSync
  • Contract Import
  • Hosted Service
  • Smart Contract Deployment:
    Cookbook provides bundled smart contract libraries that can be directly used within Visual Studio Code, Foundry, Harthat, or Remix. Their webpage also features a ChatGPT integration to help learn and deploy LSPs.

  • Cookbook LSP Libraries
  • Visual Studio Code Extension
  • note

    If you are actively supporting the LUKSO ecosystem and would like to be featured on this page,
    please reach out to [email protected].