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Standard Specifications
Solidity implementation

Public Methods

Public methods are accessible externally from users, allowing interaction with this function from dApps or other smart contracts. When marked as 'public', a method can be called both externally and internally, on the other hand, when marked as 'external', a method can only be called externally.


function executePostDeployment(
address primaryContract,
address secondaryContract,
bytes calldataToPostDeploymentModule
) external nonpayable;

This function can be used to perform any additional setup or configuration after the primary and secondary contracts have been deployed.

Executes post-deployment logic for the primary and secondary contracts.


primaryContractaddressThe address of the deployed primary contract.
secondaryContractaddressThe address of the deployed secondary contract.
calldataToPostDeploymentModulebytesCalldata to be passed for the post-deployment execution.