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Getting started building dApps with 🆙

When building dApps on LUKSO, you are interacting with Universal Profiles through the Universal Profile Browser Extension. This page guides you on the first step to get started building on LUKSO with the 🆙 Browser Extension.

Manual Deployment

You can also create new Universal Profiles by ⚒️ deploying them programmatically. However, please keep in mind that you would also have to deploy your own Transaction Relay Service to allow gasless onboarding. Customly deployed profiles will not receive free monthly transaction quota through the LUKSO Transaction Relay Service.

Relayer API

If you want to deploy Universal Profiles for your users, please check out our Relayer API.

Code Repositories

Want to dive into the code directly? Check the following repos 😉

Next.js Boilerplate

The tools-dapp-boilerplate is a Next.js repository that gives you a fully working dApp with lot of ready to use components and features:

LUKSO Boilerplate


The lukso-playground repository allows you to see how to fetch profile and asset information, encode data, change permissions etc.

LUKSO Playground dApp