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L14 Public Testnet

L14-Testnet is running.

This testnet is the lastest stable network.

The L14 Public Testnet is the soon deprecated POA test network, currently used for all UniversalProfiles and issued (Pre) NFTs. L14 is up-to-date with the latest Ethereum forks until Constantinople.


To add the L14 Network to MetaMask, these are the settings:

Network NameL14
Chain ID22 (0x16)
Currency SymbolLYXt
Block Explorer URL

And if you need it, here is a tutorial on how to do it.

Running a Node

Install the Node

Install a parity node > 2.2.7-stable as described here.

The LUKSO L14 test network requires most of Constantinople transitions. This means you need to at least run parity > 2.2.7-stable.

Start the Node

Run your parity node and connect to the LUKSO L14 test network using:

$ parity --chain spec.json --bootnodes enode://6a6b0b286e3f96dee993d995f3fd435a065388664e211f02533e28c9ddc31089e[email protected]

The spec.json is in l14 branch of the lukso-chain-spec repository.

In case the boot node from above does not work, you can find the current specifications here.



Enabled EiPs are:

Not included compared to Ethereum mainnet:

  • eip1234 (Difficulty bomb adjustment)